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World Earth Day 2022

World Earth Day 2022

At Revs® we are do our best to make good decisions for our planet. Such as minimum packaging required, ensuring it's recyclable and using vegan friendly materials. And we hope that as a result, we've limited the negative impact our products may have on our planet.

Vegan, PeTA Approved & Recyclable Packaging at Revs Reflexology Footwear

Fortunately, the very nature of Revs reflexology footwear is to provide a positive impact, both to our customers and the planet. A common issue our customers are faced with is poor health. In turn, lower mobility and increase reliance on cars and other forms of public transport. Which as we all know, release toxic fumes and harmful gases into the atmosphere.

However, our footwear was originally designed to help alleviate the uncomfortable and sometimes painful symptoms of a range of ailments and illnesses. By alleviating or treating (and in some cases preventing) these symptoms, our footwear allows customers to increase their movement, get out walks, dust the bike off and explore local cycle tracks, attend litter picks and beach cleans ups and generally enjoy the great outdoors. 

By doing so, you are able to leave the car keys on the hook and take advantage of your local community and nature without causes more harm to the environment. 

Want to discover other ways you can help? Check out www.earthday.org for more