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Durability, Comfort and Quality
Our orthotic sandals are engineered with the highest quality materials, precision on position and size of each nodule to ensure a stimulating effect yet soft cushioning for your feet. Read more

Reflexology Massage Insole
A centuries-old natural therapy, originating from China as long as 4,000 B.C. and also at the same time in Egypt. Nodules in various heights and widths to match the contours of your feet. Read more

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Biomechanical Orthotic Arch
With an in-built orthotic arch, Revs reflexology sandals are your indoor solution to orthopedic footwear. The bio-mechanical structure creates good posture, supports flat feet and other pronation problems. Read more

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Healthy Blood Flow
The nodules press and stimulate the reflexes, and veins in your feet, creating blood flow throughout your body. The increase in blood flow and circulation helps to keep your feet warm and boost your body temperature and energy levels. Read more

Elastomer, Shock Absorbing Qualities and Cushion Comfort
Our recipe of materials within the sole of our expertly crafted reflexology shoes reduce impact and pressure on your feet, while facilitating a smooth, effortless gait, giving you a natural pain relief and relaxation for your lower limbs and feet. Read more

Is a symbol of healing and represents a state of 'creative harmony' or 'dynamic balance' an optimum state of being which is why we have it at the centre of our Revs logo - IN-YO as the very centre of our philosophy, for all our products, and to our way of working. We aim for harmony and balance to be at the very core of everything we do. Read more


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Hay Fever Relief from Revs Reflexology Shoes

Hay Fever Relief from Revs Reflexology Shoes

Reflexology aims to help with hayfever by stimulating specific points on the feet that correspond to the body's respiratory system, immune system, and sinuses. By applying pressure to these reflex points can promote healing and balance in the related areas of the body, reducing or alleviating symptoms associated with hayfever, such as congestion, sneezing, and itchy eyes.

Here are some ways reflexology might help with hay fever:

1. Boosting the Immune System: By stimulating reflex points connected to the immune system, such as the tonsils, thymus, spleen and lymphatic systems, reflexology may help strengthen the body's natural defenses against allergens.

2. Reducing Inflammation: Reflexology aims to reduce inflammation by promoting better circulation and lymphatic drainage, which could help ease symptoms like nasal congestion and sinus pressure.

3. Relieving Stress: Reflexology is known for its relaxing effects, which can help lower stress levels. Since stress can exacerbate allergic reactions, reducing stress may indirectly help in managing hayfever symptoms.

4. Improving Sinus Drainage: Reflex points linked to the sinuses can be targeted to help clear nasal passages and reduce sinus congestion.

Wearing Revs Reflexology Shoes you will stimulate all the areas circled below, decongesting these blockages and helping to promote balance in your body, providing you with daily relief from the symptoms.

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Health and Wellness Prescription

Health and Wellness Prescription

Just imagine, you step into shoes that create comfort and joy, radiating health. As the gentle foot massage relaxes you, a profound sense of peace and calm washes over you, and the stresses of the day melt away. Welcome to the world of Revs Reflexology Massage, a science that has been cherished for centuries and is now recognised as a modern, natural, health and wellness prescription.

Indulging in Revs Reflexology Massage not only offers physical rejuvenation but also extends its therapeutic embrace to the realm of mental well-being. The massaging effects, the stimulating yet soothing balance of foot reflexology create relief, relaxation and mental clarity.

Let’s have a look at some compelling reasons why it is worth considering wearing Revs on a daily basis as part of your health and wellbeing practice.

What are the various mental benefits of wearing Revs Footwear?

  • Stress Reduction - Revs promote relaxation and help lower stress levels, contributing to an improved state of mental wellbeing.
  • Improved Mood - The release of endorphins created through reflexology massage can lead to an elevated mood and a sense of wellness.
  • Enhanced Sleep Quality - The calming effects of a reflexology massage can lead to improved sleep patterns and a more restful night.
  • Reduced Anxiety - Regular usage of Revs may help reduce symptoms of anxiety and promote a sense of calm.

What are the various physical benefits of wearing Revs Footwear?

  • Improved circulation - Revs promotes blood flow, which can be beneficial to cardiovascular and lymphatic health. Reflexology massage stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which encourages blood flow to all the organs of the body and lowers blood pressure.
  • Pain Relief - The massage effects though the reflexes on your feet can help alleviate muscle tension and reduce pain from conditions like arthritis or sore muscles.
  • Detoxification - Stimulating your organs can assist in eliminating toxins from the body though the skin, liver, kidneys and intestines.
  • Enhanced Immune System - Massaging the reflexes own your feet may stimulate the production of white blood cells, which play a vital role in immune function.
  • Skin Health - Reflexology Massage can lead to improved skin clarity and a healthy complexion by promoting detoxification.

All in all, incorporating Revs Reflexology Massage Footwear into your wellness routine can truly be a transformative experience. The array of physical, mental and emotional benefits that Revs offers is a testament to its remarkable potential for enhancing overall health and wellbeing.

So, by investing in Revs you are embracing a source of relaxation and rejuvenation. Shop Here to make a commitment to your health and your wellbeing for years to come.

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Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

As the summer holiday season approaches, it's the perfect time to indulge in activities that rejuvenate our body and mind. While vacations often involve relaxation, adventure, and exploration, it's important to prioritise our overall health and wellbeing. A great way to stay in tune, unwind and find balance is reflexology. And with reflexology footwear, the benefits are all the more accessible.
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