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FAQ's - General

What are Revs?

Revs® are simply massage footwear, designed using the science of Reflexology. In addition to the huge amount of health benefits, our range is intended to be stylish, comfortable, for all ages, men and women; smart and casual. We have grown our range of styles and colours over the years and offer a variety of sandals, flip flops, slippers and insoles. They can be worn to target specific health issues or ailments, or just to enjoy self-care and the benefits to your health and well-being. 


Designed in Scotland
shared with the world
A Classic Look
Timeless styles for casual and smart wear, indoor and outdoor use.
Functional and Versatile
Many uses, Numerous benefits, for old and Young, For the athletes and the Inactive.
Personable and Unique
Colours to suit all moods, vibrant or calm, energetic or relaxing.
A Sophisticated Design
A shoe with a purpose, to create comfort and joy for the sole
A Natural Therapy
Inspired by Reflexology, an ancient healing art, to enhance health & well-being
Sorely addictive
an individual experience of curious pleasure and gain

What are the key features of Revs?


The natural rubber nodules on the soles of the shoe consist of varying heights & widths to target each & every reflex in your feet. By stimulating these reflexes it will help to improve nerve & blood supply, & promote circulation, helping to prevent or alleviate many health problems, in a natural way. Revs provides you with a daily reflexology foot massage, giving you an easy & effective way to help you remove congestion & toxic waste from your body. The revs foot massage cleanses & rebalances your body making you feel, & look, healthier & happier.

There are many benefits of reflexology massage, too many to name here but many health conditions that can be helped by wearing Revs are listed here.


The materials for revs have been chosen for their durability, comfort & quality. The nodules are designed to sit within the shape & contours of the feet so every organ, gland & muscle they correspond to within your body are stimulated. The sole of the revs shoes also contains elastomer to provide shock absorbing qualities and soft cushioning, excellent for relieving painful, tired feet & legs.

People who suffer from plantar fasciitis, heel pain, pronantion problems, diabetes & neuropathy, swollen feet & legs have benefited from wearing revs.


The revs sandal range* contains an invisible, biomechanical orthotic arch which support flat feet & fallen arches, & helps to align the position & function of the feet & lower limbs, off-loading pressure & pain.

Revs is your summer solution to orthopaedic footwear.

*The revs flip flop range have a slight orthotic arch but not as ergonomic as the revs sandal range. If you are buying revs for arch support we recommend the revs sandals.


Boosting circulation, and balancing mind and body are key benefits of wearing revs. Find out more.

What are the wearing recommendations for Revs?

It is recommended you wear Revs to suit you, your health and your lifestyle. Wear them as often or as little as you can until you become accustomed to them. Some people can wear them all day every day from Day 1, while others need time to get used to them. This is because some people feel them sensitive at first, and this can be due to areas of congestion in the feet. When areas are congested or out of balance they can feel uncomfortable, similar to when you receive a reflexology treatment. The degree of sensitivity depends on what is going on for you, and so reflexology treatments, and wearing Revs, is a completely individual experience. Some familiar comments from customers are:

 “Oooooh they’re a bit spikey, but only for the first day, now I wear them all the time”

“Woh, not what I was expecting, but I persevered, and now I don’t wear anything else”

“Love them, didn’t feel sore at all, just bliss”

“They felt like needles, but now they are the most comfortable shoe I own. Seems I had a few toxins I had to break down and that’s why they felt so sore at first. now I feel great and they are super comfy”

“You gotta persevere, and if you do, you will love Revs, wish I had found them earlier”

“Agony with a hangover, I was told this was my liver and kidney reflexes! Think it must be right as they are only sore at the weekend when I drink alcohol”

“Only sore if I have a cold, so there’s something that works about them”

“They were never sore on me, but I did go to the toilet A LOT for the first week I was wearing them. Maybe I should have worn them a bit less, but I was happy detoxing, and I felt so much less bloated!”

“I had plantar fasciitis and I can’t say they were sore, it was just a conscious feeling that something was working on my heels, and after a few weeks, the pain disappeared, amazing as nothing else worked and I had PF for about 6 months”

“I am diabetic and found them torture for the first 3 days, now they are my best friend”

“Thank you Revs for making me persevere, I was about to give up but when I spoke to Revs Customer Service they told me the areas I was experiencing pain in was my stomach and colon and as I suffer from IBS, that makes sense. I wore them for only 20 minutes each day for about 1-2 weeks and now I wear them all the time without thinking about the time and I can’t definitely say my IBS is so much better”.

“I was really really thirsty when I wore then, they were a bit uncomfortable but not as much as I was expecting, I drank pints of water each day, my body’s way of telling me I was dehydrated and that is why they were sore to start with. They are so comfy, what an invention”.

“I’ve heard so much about these shoes and now I know why! I was not impressed at first, too sore, but I am overweight and have swollen ankles, but what a difference. Took a few weeks but my ankles are far better and I have more energy, sleeping better, and so now I have a weight loss plan to follow to”

We suggest you wear Revs for 10-30 minutes each day until you become accustomed to them. Build up usage as you feel comfortable, and wear them as you need or want to. There are no fixed rule. Some people thrive on a bit of pain with a ‘no pain no gain’ attitude, others are just not patient and want to see results right away. Enjoy the journey and the changes and the benefits you will experience along the way. We are confident that if you do, you will see results.

Can children wear Revs?

Revs footwear is safe and effective, providing therapeutic, comfortable shoes for all. Our smallest size however is 22.5/23cm which is a UK 3 / EU 36, so if the shoe fits… then yes I would encourage children to wear them and enjoy the benefits. For smaller feet, and therefore younger age groups, they may not be so suitable because as children grow they go through so many changes in their body that it is likely that they will feel them very sensitive to wear. Their bodies are very busy, and inevitably their systems will be out of balance, so it would be wise to wait until the shoe fits - literally - as by this time they are better able to understand the reactions which reflexology massage may produce for them.

Are Revs for indoors and outdoors?

Yes, we have tried to develop a range that are suitable for all seasons, and for indoor and outdoor use. We are still building our range, so do make sure you tell us what you styles you would like to see us make!

We have a range of flip flops for the spring and summer season, in so many colours there is sure to be one there for everyone’s taste!

We also have the Revs Slipper range, for men & women. You can wear these with or without socks – if you wear socks the massaging effect will be a little less than if you wear your bare feet, so it may depend on how you’re feeling or if you’re cold, whether you wear socks or not.

Revs Massage Sandals are a great solution for orthotic summer footwear, with the in-built orthotic arch and shock absorbing sole.

Our Revs massage insoles are great for the winter and for all other shoes you wear. They are great for many foot conditions as they can support flat feet, soothe tired feet, help with plantar fasciitis, morton’s neuroma, diabetes, corns and callouses. They are also great of you have cold tootsies as they will help improve your blood flow and increase your circulation.

Our aim is to provide a range of products that you can wear all your round so you are always getting the benefits and comfort of Revs!

Where can I buy Revs? Do you have any stores?

Revs is exclusively an online brand. So we do not have any stores. We sell mainly through our own website, www.revsstore.com, but we also sell through Amazon globally, so if you are an Amazon Prime member it might benefit you to order from there to get Free Next Day Delivery. We hold more stock than Amazon though so you may not always find what you are looking for there, although we do try to keep them topped up!

We realise many people like to try before they buy and like to go to a bricks and mortar shop, and online is not always the preferred choice of shopping, however our return rate is super low, as most people love our shoes and don’t have a need to return. We do receive some exchange requests, mainly for size, but occasionally for style or colour too, and this is totally fine. We are more than happy to exchange your shoes, as long as they have not been worn of course.

It is wise to check the size chart before you buy so you don’t have the inconvenience of exchanging and you can start wearing your Revs as soon as you open the box!

Oh, we also sell through original website www.kenkoh.co.uk – but this offers all the same products as www.revsstore.com now and we recommend you buy through revsstore.com as we can offer better delivery options here.

As always if you want more information, please call or contact us and we will do our very best to help you asap!

Are you bringing out any new styles?

Absolutely! A lot of precision is required so we can’t rush it, but we keep our eyes on current trends while maintaining our specialist design and technology of the massage sole. You can always sign up for our newsletter to be notified when we launch new styles!

Do you have any voucher codes or promotions?

All promotions are presented on the home page, or via email to our subscribers so  if you sign up here, we will notify you of any planned offers or discounts. You can also access some discounts via our Facebook page or Instagram.