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An Honest Review From A Revs Customer

An Honest Review From A Revs Customer

If you've spent any time on our social media, reading our emails or on our blog and health section on this site, then you'll know we are always shouting about the amazing effects of Revs reflexology footwear and reflexology in general. 

But we know it's important that we showcase the opinions of real people who have purchased Revs and are now reaping the benefits. 

That's why when Rural Coffee Caravan owner Ann commented on one of our Instagram posts shouting loud and proud about her Revs experience, we had to get in touch and find out more.

We asked Ann to give us an honest review of her Revs experience and this is what she had to say: 

In Autumn last year, I began to experience pain in my feet after about an hour of walking. It just got worse and worse to the point where I dreaded the thought of any activity that involved a walk. Pretty tough when one has dogs!

I tried everything to ease the burning and shooting pains but although some things gave short term relief, nothing stopped it altogether. It was a miserable round of foot baths, roller balls, arch support insoles and just not walking! 

Unfortunately, because of Covid, I couldn’t try reflexology. I struggled to put my feet to the floor each morning. Then, to add insult to injury our rescue pup ate my slippers!

I decided to ask for a thick soled ‘posh’ pair for Christmas but they had to have mega cushioning!

A quick Google search led me to Revs and I thought they just had to be worth a try.

On Christmas Day, I couldn’t wait to unwrap them and get them on my feet!

To be honest my soles were so sore that the Revs really hurt at first but the addition of socks made them bearable and pretty soon I stopped noticing any discomfort.

I didn’t leave the house between Christmas and New Year so I lived in these slippers. It wasn’t until I did go out that I realised the full impact of them. 

No pain!! Nothing! 

Even the unexplained fluid build up in my right ankle had gone. I was astounded and overjoyed. I had also bought a pair of insoles which I had slipped into my boots and suddenly walking is a pleasure again!

Although not diagnosed, I’m reasonably certain I was suffering from Plantar Fasciitis so I would definitely recommend Revs to anyone else who has this painful problem.

I will definitely be ordering some Revs sandals and more insoles.

 We want to extend a massive thank you to Ann for taking the time to write this review and then for allowing us to share it with you. 

If you're looking to add Revs to your shoe wardrobe, click here to view the full collection