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Self Care For The Sole

Self Care For The Sole

That's why, this Valentine's, we've decided to put together a list of ways our reflexology footwear can treat your sole to some much needed self care. 

Self Care For The Sole... And The Mind

We're always preaching about the mental benefits of our reflexology footwear, and that's because it's true! The benefits are almost endless.

Our Revs help: 

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Increase your energy levels 
  • Improve your quality of sleep 
  • And boost your circulation. 

These are great ways to improve your mental health. Why? Boosted circulation and energy levels make getting out and about easier. Heading out for a walk in your Revs reflexology insoles not only clears your mind, but releases endorphins that improve your mood. Win Win!

Good For The Sole

Do you suffer from issues such as Arthritis, Plantar Fasciitis, Hammer Toes, Bunions or Varicose Veins? Reflexology is a proven method of treatment, and our customers have told us time and time again, that our shoes have helped them alleviate the symptoms or overcome their issues altogether!

How does Reflexology help, exactly? 

The natural rubber nodes in Revs footwear stimulate the important nerve endings and reflexes to stimulate blood flow & circulation. This helps to decongest blockages or imbalances in your body that cause you pain, illness, or prevent your body from working at the optimum level. 

 the benefits of revs reflexology shoes