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Mental Health Awareness Week at Revs Store

Mental Health Awareness Week

This Mental Health Awareness Week we want to discuss how you can connect with others around you to help tackle loneliness. 

As the theme for this Mental Health Awareness Week, loneliness is a subject many people do not fully understand. You don't have to be alone to feel lonely. It is very common for people who suffer from loneliness to be surrounded by people all the time. It's how we connect emotionally that can beat loneliness. 

Do you have a friend who always seems to be the life and soul of the party? Cracking jokes and making people laugh? Sometimes it's those with the biggest smile that are hiding how lonely they really are. And in most cases, it only takes 1 question to break that loneliness and make a difference to someone's mental health.

How are you?

The biggest way to beat loneliness is to ask one simple question. How are you? This can create a connection that you may not have even known wasn't there. Taking an interest, providing advice and sometimes even just listening could be exactly what that person needs to ease some of their mental burden. 

Are you lonely?

Are you the life and soul of the party? Always smiling, laughing and making others feel amazing but inside you feel alone? You are not alone. Reach out to a friend, a family member or contact Mind to talk to someone about how you're feeling. 

Want to find out more about how you can help tackle loneliness?

Check out the Mental Health Awareness Associations website for more information