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Natural & Vegan Materials that make Revs Reflexology Shoes

What Makes Revs?

Earth Friendly Materials

During the initial design and production stages of Revs, it was extremely important to us that our shoes were as kind to the environment as they were to our sole.
That’s why we made sure our designs used 100% a mix of natural and synthetic materials that were both vegan and PeTA approved (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).


Natural Rubber

The natural rubber nodules on the soles of the shoe consist of varying heights & widths to target each & every reflex in your feet. By stimulating these reflexes it will help to improve nerve & blood supply, & promote circulation, helping to prevent or alleviate many health problems, in a natural way.


Synthetic Fabrics

Any other materials used for our Revs footwear is made from manmade and synthetic materials. This was the best way for us to ensure our shoes were ethically produced without using animals skins such as leather. This also means that over time, our materials are more long lasting and can be a part of your wardrobe for longer.

The way in which we have sourced our materials means ALL Revs shoes are 100% vegan and PeTA approved!

Not only will our shoes be good for your feet, body and sole, they will also be good for our environment.

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