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Revs Reflexology Sandals With Cushion Comfort and Arch Support

More To Revs...

If you’ve been on our site or our social media channels before, you’ll know that we shout to the heavens (and rightly so) about the amazing benefits of not only Revs sandals and insoles, but also of reflexology itself. Our founder Jen, has YEARS of reflexology experience both as a practitioner and as a patient that led her onto her Revs journey. BUT… what other benefits do revs provide? The answer may be surprising, as there are many more benefits than just reflexology.

Let’s dive in shall we?

Cushion Comfort

Each pair of Revs Sandals feature a cushion comfort sole. This means that unlike some health shoes, they are extremely comfortable to wear (after you get over the initial detox phase which can be quite uncomfortable). The general purpose of cushion comfort is to allow the wearer to walk or run in both a heel strike motion or a forefoot strike with minimal discomfort as it provides a cushion between the sole of your foot and the ground. This often means you can walk or run for longer periods of time before your sole becomes sore from impact.

Shock Absorption

Alongside cushion comfort, Revs sandals include a generous amount of shock absorption. Again this reduces the impact of your foot hitting the ground when you walk or run.

Arch Support

Our sandals provide an arch support system that is designed to help all arch types. So whether you are flatfooted or have a high arch, our sandals and insoles can provide a level of relief when you’re walking. As a result, our sandals are able to provide an increased level or stability and security in your foot and ankle. All this along with our shock absorbing and cushion comfort soles, make walking infinitely more comfortable. Not to mention your built- in reflexology massage with every step.

Acupressure Foot Bed

The acupressure foot bed featured in each Revs sandals helps to improve blood circulation and alleviate aches and pains in the soles of your feet. Acupressure foot beds have become a relatively common feature in a lot of health shoes and some more mainstream styles too. However, Revs sandals combine their acupressure foot bed with a range of other beneficial add-ons that equal one pretty magnificent shoe (if we do say so ourselves).

Fancy trying out a pair of Revs Sandals? Or are you looking to test our insoles? Find your fit today