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Reflexology Footwear and Poor Circulation

Turn Up The Heat With Revs

Poor circulation can present itself in a number of ways, including slow healing wounds, numb hands or feet, brittle nails and, ofcourse, cold feet or hands. Reflexology in itself is great for helping to promote blood flow and in turn improve circulation. However, Revs are a great way to improve your circulation on a daily basis. 

Our customers buy Revs reflexology sandals and insoles for a number of reasons. We’ve excellent reviews from customers who suffer from IBS, varicose veins, insomnia and even Multiple Sclerosis. So it came as no surprise when we received an amazing review from one of our most recent customers Emma, who has suffered from having cold feet at night for over 20 years. 

Emma’s review:

"Not a question, just a huge ‘thank you’! I have had cold feet at night/in bed for over 20 years; one day of wearing my new gorgeous leopard print Revs and my feet were like beacons, pumping out heat in the bed - by far the hottest part of me! 

My husband is my witness as I used to warm them every night on his hot bod, otherwise I couldn’t sleep. 

He is so amazed that he’s agreed to try a pair… (plus another 2 pairs for me). 

Hoping they will help his knees, hip, spine and headaches."

So why has Emma experienced such a fantastic reaction to wearing her Revs? We suspect that Emma suffered from poor circulation* in her feet which has caused her to experience a cold sensation at night that has been threatening her ability to have a healthy sleep pattern. 

After buying her Revs Gigha Reflexology sandals, the nodules on the sole of the sandal have stimulated the entire sole of her foot which in turn has had a positive effect on her organs and glands. From here, her circulatory system has improved, meaning the path her blood needs to travel is less congested which allows her blood to travel faster around her body. 

While we are exceptionally happy to hear it only took a day for Emma to notice a change in the temperature of her feet, it can sometimes take a little longer to notice significant changes to your health after you start wearing your Revs. We typically recommend wearing your Revs for 10 minutes to half an hour a day for a couple of weeks to allow your body to adjust to the stimulus in your sole and work out some of the congestion in your body. However, once you get over the bumpy start, your Revs Reflexology Journey is like walking on a cloud… smooth and relaxing. 

For more information on the effects of poor circulation and how reflexology can help, read our fact file here

You can find more information on Getting Used To Your Revs here

*Please note: we are not health professionals and while we suspect Emma may have suffered from poor circulation, this is not a profession diagnosis and we strongly urge anyone who suspects they have circulatory issues to consult with their General Health Practitioner. For more information, visit nhs.uk