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Revs Reflexology Shoes and Kidney Function

Reflexology & Kidney Function



  1. a system of massage used to relieve tension and treat illness, based on the theory that there are reflex points on the feet, hands, and head linked to every part of the body

The very basis of practising reflexology centers around influencing decongestion in areas/organs of the body that have a build up of toxins. However, your body has its own decongestive system that works to naturally flush the toxins from your body with no additional effort. That system is called the Kidney. 

Your kidneys are your pre-built filter designed to help eradicate toxins and waste from your organs but sometimes it needs a helping hand when the load becomes too much to bear. Issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular disease can affect your kidney function and eventually lead to kidney failure and dialysis treatments. For years, people have been turning to reflexology to help avoid these issues and aid effective kidney function. 

A review of 168 research studies have found that reflexology can increase blood flow to your organs thus enhancing organ function as well as lowering high blood pressure, reducing anxiety and influencing positive changes in brain wave matter and alleviate pain linked to arthritis, kidney stones and diabetic neuropathy.

Other research studies have found that reflexology has increased renal circulation and helps to alleviate urinary symptoms in people with multiple sclerosis alongside symptoms of cystitis and other urinary infections/issues.

How Reflexology Shoes/Insoles Can Help

While reflexology footwear is by no means a concrete replacement to reflexology massages that are centred around specific issues, they are a great every day way to help your body fight against toxin congestion in glands and organs all over your body. 

Prolonged use can help to clear areas of congestion and keep them clear. As a result, this takes some of the stress and pressure off your kidneys as your blood flow is elevated and the impact of issues such as high blood pressure and anxiety are reduced. 

Revs Reflexology Footwear boasts a range of sliders, sandals, flip flops and even slippers that can be introduced into your every day routine. Our reflexology insoles are a great way to enjoy the benefits of reflexology no matter what shoes you’re wearing. Check out our full range here and walk your way to better health.