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Step Into Summer With Revs Flip Flops

Step Into Summer With Revs Flip Flops

Like all our Revs footwear, we have designed our Revs Flip Flops based on the science behind Reflexology. Making them perfect for both the health-conscious and the fashion conscious!

There are reflex points on our feet which correspond to all of our organs, glands and parts of the body. Stimulating these reflexes through a daily reflexology foot massage aims to improve nerve and blood supply, and boost circulation and energy levels. By detoxing and removing the areas of congestion in our feet using reflexology, you may also prevent and alleviate specific health problems.

Key Features of Revs Flip Flops that make them the perfect reflexology partner:


The Reflexology Massage Insole: The natural rubber nodules on the soles of the shoe consist of varying heights and widths to target each and every reflex in your feet. By stimulating these reflexes it will help to improve nerve and blood supply, and promote circulation helping to prevent or alleviate many health problems, in a natural way. 


 Materials: The materials we use have been chosen for their durability, comfort and quality. The nodules are designed to sit within the shape & contours of the feet so every organ, gland and muscle they correspond to within your body are stimulated. The sole of the Revs shoes also contains elastomer to provide shock-absorbing qualities, and soft cushioning, excellent for relieving painful, tired feet and legs. 


 Boosts Circulation: As the nodules press and stimulate the reflexes, and veins in your feet, Revs increase the blood flow throughout your body. The increase in blood flow and circulation helps to keep your feet warm and boost your body temperature and energy levels.



 Creates Homeostasis (balance in the body):  In-Yo, the symbol at the center of our logo, is a symbol of healing and represents a state of ‘creative harmony’ or ‘dynamic balance’ an optimum state of being, which is why we have it at the center of our Revs Logo – IN-Yo as the very center of our philosophy, for all our products, and to our way of working. We aim for harmony and balance to be at the very core of everything we do.



Bio-mechanical Structure: Creates good posture and stance, keeping both the bones and joints in correct alignment. Thus reducing strain on your ligaments and muscles, allowing your body to work more efficiently.


Revs contain thousands of soft rubber nodules and elastomers that massage the reflex areas on your feet while you walk. We have received a host of lovely messages from our customers on various health benefits they have gained from wearing Revs. We are proud of all the positive feedback we have received for such things as: helping with energy levels, foot pain, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, constipation, insomnia, mood, skin conditions, arthritic and joint pain relief, back, knee and neck pain, swollen legs and ankles, cold feet and even reducing cellulite!

On top of all the health benefits, Revs are also super comfy, with a cushioned sole and built-in orthotic arch, making them the must-have shoes for the summer!