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Revs Insoles To The Rescue

Revs Insoles To The Rescue

In the UK, we are finally coming out of the lockdown caused by Covid-19. This means we can get out and meet friends (socially distanced, ofcourse), browse the shops and frequent our favourite outdoor areas. As well as getting back to work.

After having spent so much time indoors over the past few months, many of us will find the transition into a more active lifestyle difficult and potentially painful for your feet - especially for those going back to work as waitresses, shop assistants and bartenders.

Revs Insoles to the Rescue

Whether you’re on your feet for a 4-hour shift or an 8-hour shift, your feet, legs and back will be taking the brunt of your weight and this can cause pain, fluid retention, or swollen ankles. This can be even more problematic after long periods of rest such as being stuck in the house during the lockdown. 

While reflexology is a great way to help relieve and alleviate the symptoms of swollen ankles and fluid retention, there are other ways to help you fight the symptoms during your shift. Our Revs Reflexology and Acupressure Massage Insoles are great for helping your feet deal with the stresses of working on your feet. 

Our insoles can be work with almost any closed toe shoe making them your perfect workmate.

insoles for all shoes

As a result, your feet feel better which helps with you maintain a healthy posture which in turn boosts your mood during your shift. It's really a win-win situation!

Bonus Benefits

Not only are Revs insoles great for helping you get through an 8-hour shift relatively happy and pain-free (reflexology can only help so much!), but they are great for people who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis and a sensory processing disorder or proprioceptive dysfunction. 

The thousands of tiny nodules found on insoles are designed to massage and aid in removing any congestion from the soles of your feet and increases blood flow, circulation, and even your mood.