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Reflexology & Fertility

Reflexology and Fertility

Conceiving a child is both one of the most natural things in the world and - to some - the most stressful. For some natural conception can prove to be extremely difficult.

As a result, both the male and female in the relationship can become frustrated and stressed, which in turn has a negative effect on the body.

While reflexology is by no means a cure or a guaranteed fix for those experiencing problems conceiving. It can have a positive impact on both your physical and mental health which can increase the likelihood of conception, whether naturally or with medical intervention.

Preconception - How can reflexology help?

There are a few ways that reflexology can help prepare your body for conceiving a child. Generally when you approach a medical professional they will advise a list of ways for you to prepare your body to increase your chances of natural conception. These include:
  • Avoiding alcohol & stopping smoking
  • Adopt a healthy, balanced diet of wholefoods as well as protein and high fibre foods.
  • Eat less hydrogenated fats and more essential fats
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
The core principle behind all of these helpful tips and pieces of advice is to cleanse your body of toxins and congestion to allow it to run optimally. Enter reflexology!
Introducing reflexology into your routine is great for helping your body work at it's best. This can include reducing stress and anxiety, improving your sleep quality, improving blood circulation and even helping provide an element of detoxification for certain orders.

Sub Fertility - Does reflexology actually help?

The short answer... there's not enough data to respond with a yes or no answer. However, there are reflexologists around the world who have helped couples who are trying to conceive (both naturally and with medical intervention) improve their chances of conception. One such reflexologist is Avril Rushton who found that the many of her patients experienced positive results when they added reflexology to their routine when trying to conceive. While her results were varied, she was able to note that her patients going through IVF or being on Clomid became pregnant during the course of their treatments.
It is suggested that Reflexology can help work in tandem with medication interventions as it, again, allows the body to run at it's optimum, thus increasing the likelihood of your body responding positively to treatments such as IVF and Clomid.
Another positive result Avril noted from her private study was that patients who were also using Australian Bush Flower* along side their reflexology treatments experienced a greater positive pregnancy rate.

In conclusion...

While reflexology (as in most cases) is not the cure for infertility and certainly is not something can make you more fertile as such. However, it has been proven to help your body prepare for conception as it helps to detox your body/organs and helps you through the emotional journey you may end up on in your efforts to become a parent... for both male and female parents-to-be.

For more information on how reflexology can help you specifically in your conception journey, please consult your local Reflexologist for tailored advice. If you're looking to add reflexology to your lifestyle right away, click here to view our range of sandals, flip flops, insoles and slippers.

*Australian Bush Flower is a holistic therapy often used to increase fertility and help with hormonal imbalances. We do not endorse of guarantee this as a tried and tested method. Please always consult your GP before embarking on a new therapy.