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Marching for Men

Marching for Men

“Team Revs” are Marching For Men this Sunday, 16th June on Father’s Day. We will be helping to celebrate, commemorate and raise funds for Prostate Cancer UK. We highly recommend taking part in what is always a hugely successful event, where people of all ages and abilities join together with their local community to share their passion and spirit in and helping to increase awareness of prostate cancer and the people we have lost because of it.

Prostate Cancer UK aims :

  • to help more men survive prostate cancer and enjoy a better quality of life
  • to provide information about Prostate Cancer, the signs and symptoms
  • funding research into causes and treatments
  • raising awareness of the disease and improving care

You can choose from 8 different parks around the UK. We will be Pollock Park in Glasgow. Join Us and Help Prostate Cancer UK!