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Festival Essentials

Festival Essentials

It’s Festival Season, and whether you are going for one day or one week, you will be on your feet A LOT!
Here’s what Revs can offer as part of your Festival Essentials Kit.



⭐️Revs Flip Flops for FestivalsRevs Footwear – why Revs will be a handy pair of shoes for you:

  • Walking or standing all day will leave your feet and lower limbs feeling tired and possibly a bit swollen. Revs massage footbed stimulates your pressure points and reflexes, keeping your blood flow circulating which will reduce any swelling, and relieve any aches or pains.
  • Bunions, heel pain, plantar fasciitis – any feet conditions you suffer from will be exacerbated by standing or walking for longer periods of time than you are used to, and Revs will provide a natural, drug-free pain relief.
  • If you are camping, you need an easy pair of sandals or flip flops to walk from your tent to the shower room! And we recommend you shower while wearing Revs too as you never know what you might stand on!
  • You might not get much sleep, so Revs footwear will keep your energy levels high and help to revitalise you and carry you through another day pain-free and smiling!
  • Revs Reflexology InsolesIf it’s raining or there is wet ground, you will have the obligatory wellies so you can slip in Revs Massage insoles to keep your feet warm, comfortable & blister free! Revs have all weather conditions covered!


⭐️Another very handy thing is our Kikoy Beach towel, one side is towelling, the other is cotton, and quick-dry. Fold it up to use as a pillow at night, a sarong to walk to the showers,  and towel to dry yourself – Versatile and Lightweight! Available in 3 colours.

⭐️And a must-have so you can keep yourself refreshed every day, is the Revs Detox Foot Patches – wear them during the night on the soles of your feet, and extract all the toxins from your body, ready to start again in the morning!