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A bunion is a foot condition in which the bone or some tissues are enlarged at the big toe. Bunions can also form at the edge of the little toe. The most common cause of bunions is the big toe angling in towards the other toes, a condition called hallux valgus. Bunions can be very painful and inflamed, swollen and tender. Bunions are more common in women, and the cause is usually the wearing of tight-fitting shoes which have a narrow toe box (the area in the front which provides protection for the toes).
The main treatment for bunions is choosing a pair of well-fitting shoes and the use of foot products (e.g. bunion splints which prevent the toe from bending in). Protective padding can be used to decrease inflammation and discomfort around the bunion area. However, protective padding should not be used on bunions when the skin is broken or blistered.

You should consult a podiatrist or orthopedist about your bunions if the pain becomes severe. Revs reflexology massage flip flops and sandals offer a wide toe box – so your toes have space and can breathe. The massaging action of the nodules on the soles of the Revs reflexology shoes will also help to relieve the pain and reduce the inflammation.

Corns and Callouses

Corns and calluses refer to hardened thick skin that develops due to constant pressure or friction (rubbing).

Corns on the feet usually occur due to ill-fitting shoes. Tight-fitting shoes result in the toes pressing one another while loose shoes cause friction (rubbing) to the feet. Corns are usually small, sharply demarcated and raised yellowish-gray lesions, which have a central core. Corns can be quite painful because they may press on the nerve endings.

Calluses can occur anywhere on the body but they usually appear over the joints and weight-bearing areas, especially skin areas which are subject to repeated pressure, e.g. the sides and soles of the feet. Calluses are generally not painful but they can be unattractive especially when you want to wear summer shoes.

Revs Reflexology Massage Footwear will provide the space your feet need in shoes to prevent any rubbing or friction, they will act as a gentle exfoliator and smooth and soften the skin. You might notice dead skin appearing in between the nodules – this is a good thing, so don’t worry, but you might want to clean your Revs regularly to remove the dirt and dead skin. We suggest the Revs Cleaning Brush to clean your Revs quickly and easily.