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Arthritis affects more than 10 million people in the UK. And while it can be a painful disease to suffer from, there are ways to alleviate the pain and discomfort it can cause on a daily basis. Here are some things to consider when looking to fight the symptoms of Arthritis.

Comfortable Shoes

Comfort should be the main consideration when choosing shoes, although for most people it’s important that their footwear looks good too. If your feet are painful or unusually shaped you may need to compromise a little on the style, but not with Revs! We’re here to provide footwear that is fashion conscious as well as health-conscious! Shoes that don’t fit properly can damage your feet, and high heels or shoes that pinch your feet are likely to cause deformities such as bunions or hammertoes.

Your feet may change shape as you get older, especially if you have arthritis, so you may need to try a different size.
If you need special insoles or orthotics, you can’t always wear sandals or flip flops – so with Revs built-in orthotic arch, these are sure to offer a great level of comfort for you.

You may find it difficult to find shoes that fit well if you have:
  • permanently swollen feet
  • very narrow, long or broad feet
  • hammer toes
  • bunions
Revs provide footwear that accommodates all of the above conditions.

If your feet have become wider, you might want to opt for one of our styles that has a Velcro strap so you can adjust the width of your shoes.

You should also judge a shoe by how it feels on your foot and not just by the size marked on the shoe. Size varies between shoe brands and style. Think about how the shoe fits around your toes, under your soles and at the backs of your heels.

Soles should be light, hard-wearing and flexible. The sole should be able to bend along an imaginary line drawn from the base of your big toe to the base of your little toe. Revs can do this.

Revs are also breathable so they will control sweat and the possibility of fungal infections will be lower.


  • You may need insoles in your shoes for a number of reasons:
  • To pad out the shoe of your smaller foot if you have one foot bigger than the other
  • To support the arch of your foot
  • To help arthritis in the joint across the middle of your foot (the midtarsal joint).
  • Insoles will often take up half a shoe size. Sometimes you may need to buy bigger shoes to fit your insoles, although this isn’t always the case.
Our Revs Massage Insoles you can cut to size, so you can cut them to fit any shoe. We offer a discount to anyone who wishes to buy more than one pair so they don’t have to keep swopping them about their shoes.

When you first start wearing the revs massage insoles, please follow the wearing recommendations. You might not want to wear them all day when you first get them. Wear it for a short period at first and gradually build up to longer periods. If you change your shoes indoors, either have a second pair of insoles for your indoor shoes or remember to swap the insoles over. Your feet will return to their old shape while indoors and will never be comfortable if you don’t continue to wear your insoles.

Slip Ons and Slippers

Lace-up shoes can be difficult to fasten if you have arthritis in your hands. Here are a few alternatives:

All our shoes are either slip-on or have velcro straps so this makes it easier for you to put on, no fastening required!

Many people prefer to wear slippers in the house. However, slippers aren’t a good idea for those who have to wear special insoles, and they may increase your risk of having a fall. The uppers of slippers are often soft, so they’re comfortable for hammertoes and prominent joints, but the soles may not have enough cushioning and grip. Revs provide the cushioned comfort in the soles and a good grip.

Like outdoor shoes, slippers should fit properly and shouldn’t be too loose. The features of the ideal slipper are generally the same as for the ideal shoe. That’s why Revs works wonders as an indoor or an outdoor shoe!

Dealing with cold feet

If you suffer from cold feet or poor circulation, the reflexology massaging effect will help to promote blood flow and circulation so your feet will feel warmer when you are wearing the Revs shoes or insoles. You can also wear socks with the Revs sandals and the Revs slippers, so you should feet should feel warm all day long. You could also have a look at our Feet Heaters – they are a great way to warm your feet quickly and easily.