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Pain Management With Revs Reflexology Shoes

Pain Management With Revs

Reflexology, as a practise, has been used to help manage pain for thousands of years. The first signs of reflexology in history can be found as far back as Ancient Egypt (read our History of Reflexology blog here) and even now, many still turn to the holistic approach as an effective pain management method. Why? What makes reflexology a ‘go to’ approach to managing pain? There are a number of reasons…

Reflexology & Pain as a Whole

The subject of pain in itself is a complex topic. There are many different types of pain and many more causes. While reflexology doesn’t necessarily cure pain, it can improve your body’s ability to handle pain and improve pain management. 

As a holistic approach to pain, reflexology doesn’t tend to be used to treat pain symptomatically. This is due to the many different ways reflexology helps your body’s receptors, glands and joints. 

This doesn’t mean reflexology cannot be used to treat pain symptomatically. Your reflexologist will be able to help build a better picture of your pain and then implement specific techniques in trigger or high volume pain areas to help improve your pain or eradicate it altogether. However, there are ways to help improve your pain on a daily basis. 

How Exactly Do Revs Help With Pain Management?

Revs Reflexology Sandals and Insoles provide a mini reflexology massage with every step thanks to our carefully designed and placed rubber nodes on the soles of our shoes. As a result, your body is exposed to the positive effects of reflexology every time you wear your Revs. With this prolonged exposure, your Revs help your muscles relax, improve your posture, take the strain off certain joints and influence a reduction in inflammation and unblocking areas of congestion in your glands. 

In turn, this improves your daily movements, reduces stress and anxiety which leads to improved quality of sleep and increases your body’s ability to function optimally. 

The overall effect of the above allows your body to manage your pain picture better. 

For a better understanding of how Reflexology & Revs can help with specific health/pain related concerns, visit our Health Benefits section here. Or visit some of the pages below: 

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