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Our Choice of Revs for Megan Markle

Our Choice of Revs for Megan Markle

With the Duchess of Sussex expecting their first child, we thought we’d choose the perfect Revs gift for her. Her style is classic and sophisticated and we think she would suit the the Revs Red Flip Flops – Bright and Bold and perfect for her casual days.

Meghan contributes so much to so many people in so many ways, not just with her official engagements and duties, trips and charity work but on a fun loving side too, and with fashion and lifestyle. She is an inspiration and a global influencer in many areas of her work and life. Her role must require huge amounts of stamina, mental and physical. It must be exhausting, even for Royalty, to attend so many events, always looking your best. And she never lets us down.

Reflexology can help many conditions and ailments as well as being a source of relaxation. The Duchess is on her feet for long periods, often in high heels, so the massage effects of Revs Reflexology Massage Flip Flops are ideal to relieve and rejuvinate tired feet and legs! Reflexology is also a fabulous therapy during pregnancy and can be even more effective post-natally. Indeed Revs® was created when the founder and designer, Jen, needed more energy, reduced stress and to rebalance her hormones after the birth of her second child!

Revs are ‘sorely addictive’, they provide an individual experience of curious pleasure and gain. Wearing Revs feels different for everyone and the results are also solely dependent on your health, well-being and lifestyle. Everyone’s experience will be based on their physical and emotional state at the time. We’re told Meghan is pretty health conscious, and enjoys natural therapies so Revs is a perfect addition to her wardrobe. Perfect for slipping on to go to her regular yoga practise too, another source of relaxation!