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Getting Used To Your Revs

Getting Used To Your Revs

Alot of our first time customers come back to us with complaints of discomfort or issues with sensitivity in their sole within the first few days of wearing their Revs. This is a common issue which is easily fixed with knowledge and patience. 

The very nature of reflexology is to clear areas of congestion within your body. As a result, reflexology practices can sometimes be uncomfortable and cause irritation to those areas of congestion as they are being worked. For example, one customer with IBS was experiencing pain and discomfort within the first days of wearing her Revs in her stomach and colon. This was due to those areas being decongested with the help of our reflexology sandals. After some guidance from our fantastic customer service team, this customer reduced her initial wearing time to around 20 minutes a day for a week or two. Not only does she now wear her Revs for hours a day with no issues, she has also experienced relief from her IBS symptoms and flare ups! 

While we have some generic wearing recommendations, we would say that each customer will have a unique experience. Each customer will have their own ailments or specific issues they wish to target with their reflexology footwear and as a result the wearing recommendations may change. 

To find out the best way to get used to your Revs we have a handy 3 step guide.

  1. Order your Revs and double check your purchase. Pick out the right reflexology footwear for you from our website and when it arrives, double check the size is correct. You can also have a look at our handy reflexology foot chart that is included with all orders. It gives you some handy information on which parts of your foot help which organs/glands in your body.

  2. Wear your Revs for 10-30 minutes a day. We wouldn’t recommend diving straight in and wearing your Revs for hours at a time. Your body needs time to adjust to the changes your Revs are making. Wear your Revs for around 10-30 minutes a day for the first week or two. As time goes on, increase your wearing time. 

  3. Variety is the spice of life. When your body’s tolerance for your Revs has increased, get out and about in your Revs. Our slippers are designed with a hard rubber sole for safe outdoor use in the garden. By wearing your Revs on difference terrains and surfaces your body will become more used to the effects on not only your sole but your organs too! 

Now that you have all the knowledge regarding wearing your Revs Reflexology Sandals, Slippers and Insoles, it’s time to introduce the patience. We are confident that if you follow our wearing recommendations and apply some patience to the process you will enjoy the benefits all the more.

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