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Get Rid of Your Cold Fast Using These 3 Reflexology Points

Get Rid of Your Cold Fast Using These 3 Reflexology Points

As winter fast approaches and children are settled back into school, it seems like everybody you come into contact with is suffering from seasonal allergies, Ragweed pollen thrives in cool nights, but the days are still dry. Having a regular reflexology routine can help relieve a runny nose and congestion during the winter months. We have 3 areas you can massage to help alleviate your symptoms.


The Lung Reflexology Point is your best ally to combat a cold or to deal with seasonal allergies.

One of the primary roles of the lungs and their associated energy meridian in Chinese medicine is to spread Wei Qi — a life-force energy that helps protect the body from pathogens and allergens. When Lung Qi is poor, Wei Qi’s defensive barrier is compromised, making your body susceptible to germs and pollen. Massaging the Lung Reflexology Point can help boost the energy in the Lung meridian to fulfill its role of distributing Wei Qi to protect the body.

Where do I locate and Massage the Lung point?

The Lung Point on the sole of your foot is a rectangular-shaped region. You can find it below the three middle toes on the ball of the foot. The right foot reflexology point refers to the right lung, and the left foot point correlates to the left lung.

You can massage the foot in two ways. The first with your thumb pad. You move your thumb up and down towards the heal.

The second way to do it would be using two thumbs where you massage in small circles until you have made your way down the entire lung point. You should be massaging both feet for 30 to 60 seconds per foot. While doing this it is recommended to use medium to hard pressure to start. That being said, if the point feels more sensitive, ease up on the pressure.

Reflexology Footmap


For clearing congestion in your nose, nasal cavities, and sinuses, the sinus reflexology point is amazing. Massaging this stage brings qi to these locations and helps clear the mucus from the skin.

Where do I locate and Massage the Sinus point?

You have 10 reflexology points for the sinus, but on the tip of your big toe pad is the primary sinus stage. The left toe is on the right side of your face, and your left foot is on the ground. You may have observed that for the Lung point, this is the reverse of what you have just learned.

The explanation of why it’s different is because the energy meridians of the body move over and switch sides at the neck in Chinese reflexology. So reflexology points from the neck up on your right foot for the left side of your body, and vice versa. Use your thumb and forefinger to press and rub the spot side by side to stimulate the sinus point. Rub it for 30 seconds.


The nasal reflexology factor will help soothe the soreness if your nose becomes swollen from blowing it too much.

Where do I locate and Massage the Sinus point?

The nose reflexology point is found on the outside edge of your big toe along the line where the sole meets the skin. You’ll find it beside the toenail right above the toe knuckle. This being similar to the sinus point, the left toe corresponds to the right side of your nose and the right toe corresponds to the left side. When massaging this point, use a medium pressure. 

Be sure to massage these three points no less than 4 times a day until you are feeling better.


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