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Fighting Footwear Poverty with ShoeAid

Fighting Footwear Poverty with ShoeAid

Every week, almost two million unwanted shoes end up in landfill. This is as much an environmental disaster as it is a tragic waste.

Especially so, as at least 280,000 homeless people in the UK (with 10,000 living on the streets), are either wearing unsuitable shoes or indeed are without shoes at all; causing damage to their foot health, academic potential, and self-esteem, all of which can have adverse long-term effects.

This is why ShoeAid, is stepping up to address footwear poverty. Help us to help them “make a difference and change lives”.

Supporting this charity is particularly important to Revs as part of our core ethos is “protecting people and planet”. After all, we’re all going round on a rolling stone and we need to do our best to look after it, and one another.

This December, Revs team is donating over 80 pairs of ‘as new’ shoes to ShoeAid in a bid to fight footwear poverty. Through their distribution network, ShoeAid will ensure the shoes donated reach those in need of proper, functional, fit for purpose footwear including school pupils, the elderly, underprivileged and homeless people.

The shoes donated to ShoeAid are what’s known as ‘as new’ condition that cannot be sold for a number of reasons. These include small aesthetic imperfections such as visible glue or discoloration. After counting stock of our ‘as new’ shoes, the team at Revs decided to donate the pairs to a good cause instead of throwing them away to end up in landfill. Over two million shoes are thrown into landfills every year and just 1 pair can take up to 1000 years to biodegrade!

While we love to extol the virtues of our amazing reflexology shoes to our customers and how they can promote general wellbeing, we know ShoeAid will ensure they are given to those who really need them.

Not only are we donating Revs footwear to ShoeAid, but we have also encouraged our team to donate suitable shoes too!

We would love to encourage our customers to donate to ShoeAid too. To find out more about this fantastic charity, visit their website here: https://www.shoeaid.co.uk/.

Revs Founder Jen Helping the Team Pack up our ShoeAid Donation Revs Founder Jen & Managing Director Mark Helping the Team Pack up our ShoeAid Donation Team Pack up our ShoeAid Donation