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Can Reflexology Help With Fertility?

Can Reflexology Help With Fertility?

Trying to get pregnant can be a very stressful and overwhelming experience. There are many different things you feel you have to keep on top of to ensure your changes are optimal such as tracking your cycle, changing your diet and adapting your lifestyle. However, sometimes it can feel like nothing works and you are stuck in a rut. 

foot reflexology chartWhile trying to conceive can be frustrating and sometimes even impossible, there are some ways to help boost your natural fertility status such as using reflexology. 

The ancient art of reflexology accesses the 7000 nerve endings in your feet which are linked to every organ and system in your body. Through skillful manipulation and massage techniques, reflexology can help to unlock the energy flow in your organs and rebalance entire systems. 

Women and men alike can use reflexology to rid the body of toxins, reduce inflammation, aid better sleep and boost the immune system to help reduce stress hormones which can impede conception. 


Reflexology can help aid sperm health, including maintaining a healthy sperm count, ability to swim and morphology. Reflexology’s ability to destress the body and reduce inflammation can help rid the body of stress associated fat storage, which can also improve fertility rates in men. 

As the years have gone by, those facing difficulty conceiving have been turning to mad made medical procedures such as IVF, however, the rise in infertility could be associated with our misalignment with nature. By using reflexology (a natural technique) to re-balance the body, increased fertility could be re-established – just the way nature intended it.

Adding a pair of Revs reflexology shoes allows you to easily integrate reflexology into your daily routine without forking out for frequent massages.

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