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Fibromyalgia (or sometimes referred to muscular rheumatism, or fibrositis) can be a long-term, debilitating and chronic condition. This condition is diagnosed by widespread pain and tenderness over much of the body. Other symptoms include insomnia, or difficulty sleeping, stiff joints, headaches, tingling limbs, especially the hands and feet. For females they may also suffer from more painful periods. Memory and concentration can also be adversely affected, known as “fibro fog”.

It is difficult to diagnose as the symptoms can be confused with other conditions until numerous test have been done. It is said to affect 25% of us, the majority being middle-aged women. It has also been suggested that people with other conditions are more likely to be affected, such as those with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis (spinal arthritis), stressful or traumatic events, RSI, or genetic conditions.

Fibromyalgia doesn’t cause any lasting damage to the body’s tissues but it’s important to keep active if possible to avoid weakening of the muscles (deconditioning) which could lead to secondary problems.

Can Reflexology Help with the Symptoms of FibroMyalgia?
Reflexology stimulates nerves in the body to encourage blood flow and circulation and is therefore thought to prevent and stop pain. This treatment also aims to release tension, detox and increase energy levels.

We would suggest a holistic approach to treating fibromyalgia, including a review of diet and exercise.

Reflexology for Fibromyalgia

It is always advisable to go to a trained and experienced reflexologist, we always recommend people to consult the AOR (Association of Reflexology) or the IIR (International Institute of Reflexology) to find someone who is properly accredited in their area. If you can’t find a reflexologist in your area, or you want to add to your treatments, you can also wear Revs Reflexology footwear to help reduce the symptoms and relieve the pain. Revs Footwear works in the same was a reflexology treatment does by targeting the reflexes on the dorsal areas of your feet. These reflexes correspond to each part of your body so by massaging and stimulating them with the nodules on the soles of the shoes you will be helping to bring that area back to a normal and healthy balance. Using reflexology to treat fibromyalgia is easier if you understand how your body works and why treating certain organs and glands helps you achieve relief. The symptoms below can be treated by reflexology in the following ways:

- Aches and Pains

If you are suffering from joint or muscle pain the reflexology points which a reflexologist would focus on would be the adrenals., and the specific reflexes for the muscles or joints concerned. You can check the reflexology chart below to see where these will be in your feet.

- Fatigue

One of the main symptoms of fibromyalgia is fatigue and low energy. By treating the reflexes on the feet that correspond to the adrenal glands and the pancreas, this may be reduced or even disappear. Be aware of the healing crisis, where you may feel a little worse before you see the benefits, so don’t be alarmed if you feel more tired for a couple of days. If your fatigue is down to low blood-sugar levels, working the pancreas may help to regulate blood-sugar levels. Working the adrenal gland reflex points may also help you by improving the production of adrenaline, which increases energy levels and building the strength of your immune system. Whether it is mental or muscle fatigue, or both, the overall boost to your circulation and the increase of blood flow to all your organs, glands and muscles which reflexology provides is also highly likely to allow organs and muscles to work more efficiently and increase energy levels. Reflexology also has a detox effect, which again will have a knock-on effect on your energy levels, giving them an extra boost. Drink lots of water to get the maximum benefits from Reflexology.

- Lack of Concentration

If you are feeling the brain fog caused by Fibromyalgia, then working the toes, especially the big toe, will stimulate the brain reflex.

- Morning Stiffness

Fibromyalgia patients often feel stiffness all over the body due to soreness of muscles. Press your thumb deep into the arch area of each foot to relieve back stiffness. Repeat at least 5 to 6 times on each foot.

- Stress and Tension or Depression

The symptoms can be debilitating and depressing, and it is understandable this illness can you bring you down. You may also get anxious and worry about the severity of some of the symptoms. Reflexology can help ease tension and create relaxation. Working the diaphragm and all the glands of your body should help to promote relaxation and help with the emotions.

- Irritable Bowel Syndrome

IBS is a common issue for Fibromyalgia sufferers, mainly because their body becomes susceptible to everything, so it affects the bowel movement as well. By stimulating and massaging the colon, along with the gall bladder and liver, the IBS should ease.

For more information on where to find a reflexologist in your area, you can go to the AOR (for UK) and IIR (for International and UK). You can also read more information about Revs Health Benefits, How Revs Work and to Buy Revs here.