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Revs - From Sole to Soul

Can Reflexology help with the symptoms of Menopause?

With International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day approaching, March is a month to celebrate women and their contributions to families and society as a whole. However, for our March sole to soul article, we wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on a specific health issue that affects women, menopause.

Menopause is the end of your menstrual cycles, a natural process in a women’s life, when the ovaries stop producing oestrogen and progesterone, but it can be a challenging time for many women, physically and emotionally. It has thankfully gained more publicity over the years and has become a major area of research and expertise. The effects of reflexology and how it can help the menopause is one of those fields of study.

While the symptoms vary for every woman, the most common ones are hot flashes, sleep disturbance, night sweats, insomnia, low energy, fatigue, mood changes, brain fog, memory lapses, anxiety and depression, slower metabolism, hair thinning and dry skin.

Many women opt for HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) and this has a good success rate. Some women though prefer to, or have to, due to medical reasons, take a natural approach to help these symptoms. Reflexology is one of the natural, drug-free alternatives.

A study in 2002 by Jan Williamson, suggests that reflexology may have beneficial effects on the symptoms, particularly psychological symptoms. It concluded that women benefitted from lower anxiety or depression, and the severity and frequency of flushes and night sweats were lowered.

How does Reflexology do this?

Whether you are receiving reflexology from a therapist or from wearing Revs®, the stimulation of certain reflexes will help balance many areas of your body contributing to the symptoms. For example:

  • The diaphragm reflex can help to create a sense of relaxation, opening the chest area and promoting calm, deep breathing to reduce stress and anxiety, and helping to aid sleep.
  • The solar plexus area (part of the sympathetic nervous system), the centre of the naval can help to soothe and rebalance feelings of anxiety, tension and low mood. (The solar plexus is responsible for a lot more, so we will expand on this on our next article!)
  • The head and brain reflex – including the Hypothalamus gland, Pituitary gland and Pineal Gland – this can help to balance hormones, promote sleep and to regulate body temperature. Stimulation to these glands and the brain will boost blood flow and so also help with brain fog, memory and concentration. The Pituitary Gland is the ‘Master Gland’, this could feel quite sensitive but persevere to enjoy the results!
  • The thyroid reflex – often referred to as the third ovary, supports energy levels and hormone balance.
  • Spine and Nervous System reflex – stimulating this area can sooth the nervous system, creating feeling of calm, relieving the hot flashes and aiding sleep
  • The Adrenal Gland – this will help to regulate stress hormones, allowing us to feel more upbeat and also releasing its own anti-inflammatories.

Working the whole foot with reflexology techniques should therefore help to relieve the menopausal symptoms, create more balance, and give you a relaxed sense of being.

One way to make reflexology more accessible and convenient is by wearing specialised reflexology sandals, like Revs. These sandals have built-in nodules that target the reflex points on the feet, providing stimulation and promoting relaxation. By wearing these sandals regularly, you can receive the benefits of reflexology without having to book an appointment with a therapist. Reflexology sandals are also a great option for people who are unable to receive hands-on reflexology due to health conditions or personal preferences. They are easy to use, and you can wear them at home or at work, making them a convenient way to integrate reflexology into your daily routine. With Revs reflexology sandals, you can enjoy the benefits of reflexology at anytime, anywhere, without any special skills or training.