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 Lower back pain can be extremely painful and in some cases debilitating. There are a number of causes such poor posture, an increase in activity and even gardening. While there are more serious medical conditions that cause back pain such as osteoporosis and sciatica, most instances of back pain can be treated and ultimately the pain eradicated. 

Reflexology has been used for centuries as a way to manage pain and treat certain symptoms of pain. Why? Because it helps to unclog areas of congestion around your body, improve your circulation and boost your immune system, allowing for faster healing and recovery. 

Why Reflexology For Back Pain? 

Reflexology as a practice is the art of applying pressure to certain areas of the foot and hand to stimulate a response from various internal organs and glands. In the case of back pain, reflexology can increase the nerve flow to the area of the back causing pain. Over time, with consistent stimulation, the nerve and lymph flows become optimised and ultimately reduce or eradicate the pain. 

In some cases, stress and emotional instability can cause a greater perception of pain (making the pain feel worse than it is). As a reflexology massage can improve your mood, mental and physical wellbeing and your sleep quality, these can all contribute towards lessening your pain perception. 

How Do Revs Reflexology Shoes Help?

Revs primary design and technology is based on the science of Reflexology. The soles of our footwear contain precisely positioned, soft rubber nodules, of varying heights and widths, designed to match the contours of the feet and stimulate the various reflex points in your foot, the effect of which improves blood flow, boosts lymph and nerve flow and ultimately reduces the symptoms of lower back pain.
To add to our reflexology soles, our shoes feature biomechanical arch support, cushion comfort and shock absorption to aid correct alignment and posture which will greatly contribute towards fighting and preventing backpain. 

You can explore our range of sandals, flip flops and slippers here on our website.

Revs Reflexology Footwear Can Help Reduce Lower Back Pain