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It is common for many of us to feel down, we all experience it at some stage, some more than others and some longer than others. It is normal to feel down sometimes but it’s not healthy if it lasts for long periods of time. If you have been suffering low mood or depression for a while you should seek support through your GP or counselling services. Many of us are fed-up, down, sad, worried, worn-out, tired, or frustrated and angry, and there are lots of causes. Work, home, families, relationships, finances can all wear us down sometimes. Changes to hormones, such as during puberty, after childbirth and during the menopause, can also have an effect on your emotional and mental health.
It’s also possible to feel down without there being any obvious reason, which can be frustrating and worrying too.

Making some small changes in your life, such as resolving a difficult situation or talking about your problems and getting more sleep, can improve your mood. It is also super important to maintain a healthy diet, get regular exercise & reduce your alcohol intake.

You may also want to consider yoga, meditation and breathing exercises. Complimentary therapies such as reflexology and aromatherapy are also very relaxing, and you will benefit from Revs reflexology massage shoes as they work in a similar way to receiving a reflexology treatment. Mental health is a huge concern and we cannot cover all the aspects here but if you are suffering and feel you need help to get through this, please contact your Doctor and they will be able to put you in touch with various support organisations in your area.